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Lost keys or simply want to change them for other reasons? We provide same day service 24/7. We offer included non destructive entry if lost. We also offer this service if keys have been left inside and you want to keep the same key i.e by picking. 

Locksmith Key Barrel


Whether broken or just looking a bit worn, we can can provide them all along with matching any close-by handles if necessary in any colour or finish. Extra keys can also be provided for window handles if needed. Extra security door handles also provided.

New Window Handles Liverpool


Every lock catered for with completely non destructive entry if locked and full prices given beforehand. There's also normally a reason a lock has broken i.e misalignment etc, unlike most locksmiths we put this right so the same thing doesnt happen again.

Lock Repair Liverpool


 With estimates of lock snapping being used in 30% of burglaries, we provide all levels of security. Anti pick, bump, drill and name it we stock it at the cheapest prices possible. Probably the most cost effective way of protecting your home!

High Securtiy Cyclinders Locks
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